February 10, 2011

Two Things

So, two days running! I'm on a roll now. (And, can I just say thanks for all the comments welcoming me back? So great to hear!)

Firstly, Sperry Women's and Kids' on Rue La La today. The women's stuff is fine, but I am dying over the girl's shoes. DYING.

Secondly, and this is last minute I know, but Emily Lacey is having a sale that is crazy-good. Again, more fun for girls stuff, but you can design your own smocked outfits for a very reasonable price... 50% off. Your order must be placed by February 11 (tomorrow!) but you get to pick the fabric, the style, the smocked design, etc. How much fun is that? I'm so tempted, but after Mr TC referred to Mini #2's longall as "a dress" today, I'm not sure how the smocking would go over around here!

1 comment:

Preppy 101 said...

Hey!! Great to see you ;-) I love Sperry, but too late for me now, I'm sure :-) xoxo