January 11, 2010

Back in November, the Junior League of Chicago hosted its annual Gazebo Holiday Market. It's one of my favorite events of the year (umm, knocking out requirements while shopping? yes, please) and I've been meaning to write it up ever since. You know, for the last two months or so.

There were some new vendors this year that I really loved (more on them another day), but one of my favorite parts was that I got to meet the fabulous Lara of La Plates in person! We had emailed back and forth about promotions and giveaways a while back, but it was a riot to finally meet. She is such a doll (and not just because she said nice things about my blog) and I got the cutest place mat for M. This specific design combo isn't shown on the website, but if you want the same one, just email Lara. She was so helpful and is totally willing to customize.

On one side, the "Manners" design below. M actually really loves this and lines all of his utensils up in the proper locations (and gets mad if he is lacking a spoon or knife to line up!)

The other side is the "Elementary Print Handwriting" on a green back ground with his name. It is so adorable.
(not his name, all photos courtesy of La Plates)

And, it has held up very well over the past two months. (One thing I am learning is that in a house of three boys, things must be extremely durable!)
I don't have any of the actual plates yet, but I've been so happy with the place mat that I think I will eventually get some for the boys. And maybe me.
*I have not been paid for this review nor did I receive anything for free. Totally unsolicited by Lara, and I paid for the above place mat. Does that cover all those silly requirements??)


Marissa said...

I love the Manners one!

Legallyblondemel said...

Ah, I love it! How perfect are those for boys both young and, well, not so young?

The Pink Totebag said...

So glad to see you are blogging again - I haven't been able to get my act together in, oh, about 4 months now! Chasing my two girlies is keeping me too busy. LOVE this placemat - Caroline likes to help set the table, but our silverware usually ends up on top of the plate, napkin in the cup, etc. She takes artistic liberties when I am not looking. This would be a great way to help her know where everything should go! Thanks for the tip... :)

thepreppyprincess said...

These are so cool, we have loved them from the first time we saw them! She has darling merchandise, very classic and very fun at the same time!

Dying to know if you went avec or sans on the shearling....?

Sending you a smile,

Tippy said...

So cute. I might have to email Lara and order those for the kids. Adorable.

I've missed you and the preppy blogs in general. I'm sorta feeling like I can breathe again now that Miss C is 7 months old! I'm following you on Twitter.

jen said...

LOL, I feel the same way about Gazebo - love shopping to fulfill requirements!

pink green & southern said...

LOVE the manners placemat! I made placemats very similar to these with my step-kids when they were younger. I wonder if they remember using them?!