September 26, 2007

Party Planning

TCP Baby's first birthday is only a couple of weeks away. While we aren't having a huge bash with pony rides in the back yard, we are planning a little family shindig. Hemstitch & Hydrangea asked me to share our plans, so here's where I am thus far:

TCP Mom got a bunch of these wallpaper letters from the Land of Nod to make a banner that reads "Happy Birthday [TCP Baby]" and I'll hang that up on the mantle or, if the weather is nice, in the lower limbs of the crab apple tree in the back yard. I'll pick up some colored balloons on the day of the party, too. Not going overboard with the decorations, so that's probably it.

I got him this adorable shirt from Etsy seller liliputiansNYC to wear to his party, with khakis and the tiniest pair of Sperry topsiders that i ever saw. I thought about getting a party hat, but haven't done so yet--I highly doubt it would remain on his head for more than a few seconds!

On the menu, all his favorites. Mac -n- cheese, of course! (Although I'm trying to hide some veggies in there, too.) Mini-burgers. A fruit salad, because the kid is crazyinlove with fruit. As in, I have to hide it from him until he is done with the rest of his meal, otherwise he will not eat anything else and cry for the fruit, pointing at it with his little finger! And, of course, a cake. I love this bakery that we lived down the street from until we bought the house, so that's where we'll get the cake.

What else? I picked up a few gifts for him, some clothes from L.L. Bean (including the adorable lobster sweater I've been drooling over forever) and a few Melissa & Doug toys. But again, not going overboard with that stuff. He doesn't know the difference yet, and, as the first grandchild on both sides, he already has tons of toys.

So that's pretty much it! I still can't believe how the past year has flown by...


Hemstitch & Hydrangea said...

Hi! Hope trip to VA was fun and not too painful missing little TCP baby. Where in VA?

I think your plans sound like a perfect first birthday! I love simple kids parties and felt that things were so out of control back at home- I was like what happened to cake ice cream and fun traditional things-

Love your banner- love land of nod-
Jack loves fruit too- thats so cute that your menu is his favorites- I never would have thought of that for a first birthday-

This is such a gorgeous time of year for a birthday-

I got Jack the lobster sweater from one of a kinds kids.... beforehe was born... in 2T since that was the smallest size- I was like what if I cant find a Lobster sweater later-

We have very similar taste when it comes tho their clothes- and am sure other things too-

Thanks for sharing and hope you have a special and fun time-

Britt said...

Cute! It sounds like a perfectly sweet 1st b-day!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Oh, how fun! Such a cute menu. Everything will be adorable!

Libby said...

Sounds like you've got a perfect party in the works! The lobster sweater is just about the cutest little number I've ever seen.

Make sure you take lots of photos for him, he may not get what's happening on the day-of, but I bet he's sure going to love looking back on the day through pictures when he's older. :)

Mrs. P said...

I love everything! Happy Birthday to TCP baby!!!

suburban prep said...

Your ideas for your son's birthday sound wonderful. I am sure everyone will have a great time especially the birthday boy.

If you need there are a few bakeries on the North Shore I can tell you about (Tag's in Evanston, Three Tarts in Northfield).

Happy Homemaker said...

Looks like a great party!! Love the menu!

Donna said...

When my kids were little, my friends and i followed the rule of birthday years...1: one friend; 2, two friends, etc. It really works. one on one for a one year old is perfect!
Such cute gifts.

Hemstitch & Hydrangea said...

TCP- I am leaving for London in a few hours and just wanted to wish you a happy first birthday for your little guy! Have a great time- Best- H&H

SnappyCasualGifts said...

It all sounds cute. I love Melissa & Doug products

MMM said...

You've got a great party planned for your little one! What a great Mom you are!